The Best Minecraft Maps

Minecraft Java Edition 1.15.2

Click the seed to see a high resolution map.

Seeds Highlights
*pjsd Spawn on a very small island for extra challenge. Explore the other small islands and maybe risk yourself up to the shipwreck at (-973, 563)!
Click the seed to see the high resolution map!
e8tru Witch hutOn this map, you spawn on an island. The continent is not far though. A witch hut (in a swamp biome) is very near the spawn point.
If you want to make obsidian (required to create a nether portal or an enchanting table), the main ingredient (lava) is available near the spawn point at (-115, -414). See Minecraft official wiki for Creating obsidian from lava (lava drenching).

In Minecraft, use the seed when creating a new world (More World Options) to create exactly the same map.