The Best Minecraft Maps

Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.4

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Seeds Highlights
4ripa Ruined portals (x4), bamboo forest, witch hut, frozen ocean and mesa biomes.
ajk24 Map with a high variety of biomes near the spawn point: forest, dark forest, hills, desert, swamp and frozen ocean biomes.
foeds Map with lots of forest. Also: swamp, frozen ocean and mesa biomes.
jt$p!s Spawn in a forest. Lava and village near the spawn point.
r2tui Ruined portals (x3), ocean ruins, coral reef, ice spikes and mesa biomes.
k3sppm Pillager outpostThis map shows a Pillager Oupost very near the spawn point. This adds a challenge if you try this map in survival mode. The pillagers will attack you with their crossbows. They are pretty clever. Then are even able to open doors!
he$sse On this map, you have access to 2 villages near the spawn point. You can trade with villagers using the Minecraft currency: Emeralds.
In addition to that, if you go a little further, you can find 3 desert villages and even a rare desert temple!
The map also shows a swamp. There, you can mine slime chunks (below layer 40). Slime is required when you want to create sticky pistons.
qwack Portal ruinsIt is the spawn point that is incredible for this map! You have portal ruins just a few steps from the spawn point!
The other special thing about the spawn point is that you can find llamas close to it. You see the two grey mountains close to the spawn? In the game, a group of llamas spawns on it. You can tame them and even use them to transport a mobile chest!
See How to put chest on llama.
poger This map shows a village and a desert village near the spawn point. It shows a few interesting biomes: swamp, frozen ocean, extreme hills, desert. You also have a portal ruins not too far from spawn at coordinates (705, -8).

Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.5

Click the seed to see a high resolution map.

Seeds Highlights
palt With this seed, you spawn in a dark forest (the one with very dense leaf canopies and mushrooms). Beware of zombies. They will be able to survive during the day, hidding themselves from sunlight in this dense forest.
There is also a swamp just beside the spawn point. It shows a witch hut.
ralf2 This is a good variety map: You have portal ruins in a forest clearing very near the spawn point. Then you have hills, swamps, dark forest, two ice plains spikes biomes and more.
tt6 Spawn in VillageThe screenshot says it all. With this map, you spawn directly in a village.
There is also lava very near the spawn point.
wekhu Spawn on an IslandThis map is different from those recently presented. First, it shows several islands at the center of the map. You spawn on and island and can explore others.
Also, it shows a lots of open areas (without forest). For example it has two mesa biomes.
If you look closely, you will also see a coral reef near the spawn point at (373, 364) and around those coordinates.
huk4 Lava near spawnThis map has lots of open areas: Vast savanna and desert biomes.
It also has lava and a pillager outpost very near the spawn point.
There is even more! Never seen on yet: A zombie village (abandoned village) at coordinates (5, -1451).
rew Lava fallsThis map has lava falls in the mountains of the spawn point.
yyy Mushroom biomeFor the first time on, we are very proud to present to you a map with a Mushroom Biome (Mushroom field).
The Mushroom Biome is the rarest biome in Minecraft.
More on that in the Official Minecraft Wiki.
pat Spawn in black forestSpawn in a small clearing of a black forest.
Also enjoy the swamp, hills, frozen ocean, ice spikes and desert biomes.
bhg3 Village in sight from spawn!!! New !!! With this map, you have a village in sight from spawn. You also have lava nearby.
This map also shows an inland sea.
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In Minecraft, use the seed when creating a new world (More World Options) to create exactly the same map.

Seeds for versions numbers that are very close to each other are often compatible. For example, you can use a 1.16.4 seed with the 1.16.5 version and vice versa.